Unlawful Video Recording | Case Result

January 2021


Fort Hood, TX


  • Army

  • E-6


  • Unlawful Video Recording.


Time Served plus 25 days.

An Army Staff Sergeant was charged with multiple charges and specifications of unlawfully video recording fellow Soldiers using the bathroom in latrines while deployed to Iraq and in Garrison at Fort Hood.  Our client was placed in pre-trial confinement pending a general court martial in which the government was seeking a pre-trial agreement which would require him to spend multiple years in prison. 


Military defense attorney Tim Bilecki flew to Fort Hood, Texas to interview witnesses, law enforcement, discuss the case prosecutors and conduct the Article 32 hearing.  During that trip, Mr. Bilecki was able to negotiate a plea agreement which would conditionally waive the Article 32, and would greatly limit our client’s confinement exposure.  Meaning that should the proposed plea agreement not be approved, the defense would still have the right to conduct the Article 32 preliminary hearing.  That trip incredibly successful and the negotiated plea deal was accepted.


A sentencing hearing was set and Mr. Bilecki traveled back to Fort Hood, Texas and put on an extensive extenuation and mitigation case in front of the military judge asking for a sentence to time served plus 30 days.  After reviewing the sentencing evidence and hearing arguments by both the government and defense, the military judge sentenced our client to exactly what was requested by the defense.  This allowed our client to get out of prison, go home, and resume working again in less than a month.

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