Attempted Sexual Assault of a Minor

Attempted Sexual Assault of a Minor – Bilecki Law Group

October 2019
Location: Joint Base Pearl Harbor – Hickam, Hawaii Rank: Navy , E-3
Charges: Attempted Sexual Assault of a Minor Result: Plea Agreement Negotiated – 6 Months Confinement, BCD

A Navy Petty Officer was caught up in a NCIS “To Catch a Predator” sting operation.  The involved undercover agents taking on the role of a minor, post a profile online, and then chat with service members attempting to get them to meet up for sex.  After chatting with the undercover agent, and showing up at the bait house, the Sailor was arrested and subsequently confessed to NCIS and placed in pre-trial confinement.

Court Martial defense attorney Tim Bilecki was retained to fight the case.  Initially the government was looking for a prison sentence of at least three years, (possibly more) as well as a Dishonorable Discharge.  Given Mr. Bilecki‘s vast experience litigating sting operation cases, he was able to negotiate a pre-trial agreement in which our client would plead guilty to only two of the lesser offenses and receive confinement of six months.