Sexual Assault, Fraternization, Unlawful Entry | Case Result

December 2018


Camp Zama, Japan


  • Army
  • E-7


  • Sexual Assault.
  • Fraternization. Unlawful Entry.


No Sexual Assault Charges preferred against our client.

A Senior NCO at Camp Zama, Japan was the subject of an unrestricted SHARP complaint after a night of drinking involving a junior Soldier.  He was accused of fraternization, sexual assault and unlawful entry.  After being called into CID and advised of his rights, this Sergeant First Class retained Attorney Tim Bilecki to protect his rights and clear his name.  We immediately involved our defense investigator and conducted a complete investigation into the allegations.  We discovered a motive to fabricate coupled with numerous flaws with the complainant’s allegations.  We utilized this information and worked with the SJA office as a charging decision was being made. 


Ultimately, our client was NOT CRIMINALLY charged and only received a General Officer Letter of Reprimand (GOMOR).  Never giving up, our office drafted the rebuttal to the GOMOR and received a favorable recommendation from the command.

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