Army E3 with Numerous Drug Charges, Assault and Violation of Order Charges

Location: Camp Humphreys, Korea Rank: Army – E3
Charges: Possession, Use, Distribution of Controlled Substance , Numerous Assault on Military Police Officers , Disrespect , Violation of Lawful Order Result: All drug-related charged dismissed, time served.

An Army E3 was under investigation by CID for importing and distributing LSD into South Korea. The investigation came to a head when the military police were called on the E3 and a large fight ensued between him and the police, which resulted in the Soldier being taken to the hospital.

Searches were then performed in the Soldier’s barracks room after he had departed for the hospital, revealing large quantities of LSD. The Soldier was subsequently charged with possession, use, and distribution of LSD along with numerous other charges. Several other Soldiers were also implicated in this drug distribution ring and many of them cut deals with the prosecution to testify against our client in exchange for lenience.

Mr. Bilecki was retained by the Army E3 and immediately began working with Pac Rim TDS counsel to fight the case and gathering information to utilize in cross-examination against the government “informants.”

Mr. Bilecki filed a motion to suppress all of the drugs found in our client’s freezer and all derivative evidence (including our client’s statement to CID). After lengthy motions hearing at Camp Humphrey’s, Korea, the military judge granted the defense motion and suppressed all of the drugs which were seized and all evidence that flowed from that seizure. Mr. Bilecki capitalized on that ruling and submitted a pre-trial agreement for the minor non-drug related offenses and our client was released from confinement on time served.