Possession of Child Pornography, Sending Obscene Material to a Minor Charges | Case Results

Case Results

  • All charges dropped


  • Camp Foster, Okinawa, Japan

Branch of Military and Rank

  • E-3


Maximum Sentence:

  • DD
  • 35 years confinement
  • Total forfeiture
  • Reduction to E-1
  • Federal felony conviction
  • Sex offender registration

Our client was charged with taking photographs of his girlfriend (who was a minor) and sending those pictures via the Internet and SMS to others. Bilecki Law Group was brought in to represent this Marine nearly six months before charges were ever preferred.

During those six months, we conducted an exhaustive investigation of the facts and consulted with our own computer forensic experts from Cyber Agents, Inc. We built a case based on a sloppy law-enforcement investigation, an incomplete and inaccurate computer forensic investigation, and a reasonable mistake of fact regarding the age of the Marine’s girlfriend.

When the case was set for an Article 32, we traveled to Okinawa and treated the 32 as a mini-trial, grilling the law enforcement agents and computer forensic investigators on the stand over their careless investigation. After the completion of the Article 32 hearing, the government dismissed all charges against our client, who is still serving in the United States Marine Corps.


  • All charges dropped
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