Possession of Child Pornography | Case Result

January 2021
Location: Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam, Hawaii Rank: Navy, 0-3
Charges: Possession of Child Pornography Result: Charges Withdrawn and Dismissed a week before the Article 32.
Navy NCIS begin an investigation into a Chief Petty Officer after remnants of child pornography were found on his personal computer. Court Martial defense attorney Tim Bilecki was retained and immediately began working with our digital forensic examiner, Tim Bilecki.

Our Analyst spoke with DCFL’s examiner and learned that remnants from a Twitter post had been cached on our client’s computer.  Tim Bilecki was able to forensically test and show that thumbnail images could be cached on to a computer by simply scrolling down a Twitter feed without a user ever knowing it. Our results were also replicated by DCFL.  Mr. Bilecki used these findings to have a lengthy discussion with the prosecution team.  The prosecution dismissed the charges before the Article 32 hearing.

This case proved as a prime example of why it is important to hire a defense team with computer forensic resources and hire them early.  Without the work of our digital forensic examiner, and knowing how to utilize those findings, this case would have taken a dramatically different turn. Fortunately, the prosecution team here was very reasonable and agreed with the defense that the Chief never intended to possess or even view any illegal images.

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