Possession, Importation and Distribution of a Controlled Substance | Case Result

March 2021


Marine Core Base Hawaii, Kaneohe


  • Marine

  • E-4


  • Possession, Importation and Distribution of a Controlled Substance.


Special Court Martial. 30 days confinement No punitive discharge.

Our client was accused of being a main distributor and seller of controlled substance analogues which were being purchased off-base, brought onto the military installation, and sold to other Marines. After numerous other Marines took immunity deals and provided evidence against our client, he was charged with multiple specifications violating article 112a, UCMJ, article 92, UCMJ, and Article 90, UCMJ. After conducting the Article 32 hearing and litigating the case, Mr. Bilecki was able to negotiate an extraordinary deal in which our client would only plead guilty to the lower level offenses. Charges were withdrawn and dismissed. In addition, our plea agreement to move the case from a general court-martial to a Special Court Martial guaranteed the Marine would only receive 30 days in confinement with no punitive discharge.

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