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At Bilecki & Tipon LLLC, we focus on very specific – yet often overlapping – areas of law. Our attorneys handle cases involving related issues in court-martial defense, military law, and state court criminal defense.

Our passion is representing and defending service members and veterans. So whether you’re stationed across the Pacific and being charged with a military sexual assault crime, or you’re in the middle of a tough divorce here in Hawaii and need solid legal representation, we have the firepower and the know-how to protect and defend you in court. Our mission is to seek out the individuals that are in the most need—whether it’s regarding a court martial or state criminal court — because it’s these individuals that our law firm can help the most.

Bilecki & Tipon is not a discount law firm and we cannot take on just any case. We do this to ensure that our law firm provides the absolute highest level of representation to the clients who need it most.

If your case involves serious state court or court martial charges with complex and seemingly overwhelming evidence against you, or if you’re a service member facing a difficult divorce, we want to hear from you.

Your character is on the line. Your reputation and your future are on the line. Your freedom is on the line. Make the call to Bilecki & Tipon TODAY and together we’ll take the fight to the prosecution.

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